Panorama – May, 2023

The first edition of Panorama is out now!

Panorama is a comprehensive report providing a panoramic overview of the macroeconomic factors and market trends shaping the Indian business landscape. The report will encompass economic indicators, policy updates, market trends, global events, and geopolitical factors. It aims to empower readers with valuable insights for informed decision-making in today’s evolving economic environment.

Here are the key insights from the report:

1. India’s economy outperforms other major economies, with strong manufacturing & services PMIs. Manufacturing contracts in developed markets, services remain robust.

2. Global growth forecasts are being revised upwards, which is good news for India’s export-oriented sectors.

3. Retail credit demand drives bank credit growth to multi-year highs in FY23. Consumers are more optimistic about discretionary spending, which will likely lead to an increase in demand for consumer credit.

4. El Niño expected to develop during monsoon season, which could reduce rainfall and disrupt agriculture. During El Niño events, there is a 69% chance of a weak monsoon.

5. Historically, weak monsoons have led to a decline in agricultural Gross Value Added (GVA). However, the agricultural sector has become less dependent on monsoons in recent years, reducing the impact of poor rainfall.

6. A weak or uneven monsoon is the most significant near-term risk to the inflation trajectory. Monsoon deficiency typically leads to higher food prices with a lag.

7. India’s logistics performance improved in World Bank’s LPI, jumping 6 places to 38. But infra needs to be stepped up to compete globally.


Read the entire report here. 

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